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Gift Set Destination Zen

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Destination Zen Gift Pack by Seven Minerals - Relaxing Gift Set with Two Soothing Magnesium Oil Sprays: Sleep Well + Stress & Anxiety. Pure Magnesium Chloride with USDA Organic Essential Oils.

  • GIVE THE GIFT OF CALM: This holiday season, give the gift of ultimate relaxation with this soothing Seven Minerals Gift Set. This beautiful set combines two of our most powerful magnesium sprays for better sleep and deeper calm. Take a trip these holidays into Destination Zen.
  • TAKE A PEEK INSIDE THIS RELAXING GIFT SET: We’ve included two bottles of our most soothing, powerful Magnesium Spray remedies for a restful sleep and deeper calm. Your gift pack includes Sleep Well + Stress & Anxiety – The Ultimate Magnesium Relief Set.
  • HOW DO THEY WORK? Each spray combines Magnesium - the essential ‘relaxation mineral’ - with a special blend of USDA Organic Essential Oils. Healing micro-molecules, soothe the senses and replace ionic magnesium to deficient cells. The sprays featured in Destination Zen contain the gentle sedative, and nervous system soothers of Cedarwood, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Clary Sage, Bergamont and Roman Chamomile.
  • 100% GIFT PERFECT GUARANTEE: We know it can be hard gift shopping for others. And while many people agree Destination Zen is the perfect gift for their stressed loved ones, we still offer a full money back guarantee if they’re not satisfied. Order your gift pack today.
  • THE MOST PURE MAGNESIUM ON EARTH: Seven Minerals gently extracts its Magnesium Chloride from the ancient, pristine Permian Seabeds. For 250 million years these Magnesium salts have been protected at 8694 feet below the earth – untouched, toxin free, and with 100% purity. Your purchase today also includes our free "Seven Minerals Magnesium Guide", so you can find out more about our healing Miracle Mineral.

If your busy loved ones need a soothing break during the holidays, why not give them the 2 Piece Gift Set of Destination Zen. Relaxing Magnesium and Organic Essential Oils for Holiday Season Bliss.

It Makes Sense To Give Them What They Wish For The Most!

This holiday season, give the gift of ultimate relaxation with this soothing Seven Minerals Gift Set. This beautiful set combines two of our most powerful magnesium sprays for better sleep and deeper calm.

While many people say gift giving can be difficult, you’ll no doubt agree it’s easy to see when your family, colleagues or closest friends are having trouble sleeping, worried, upset, or under stress.

So imagine their relief when they open your gift.

Before you overthink it, and stress about what to get your loved ones this year, give them the gift of peace.

… The perfect gift for someone who wants to reach Destination Zen.


Two Soothing Formulas - One Key Ingredient

Magnesium is needed for over 300 reactions in our body – especially those connected to a relaxed nervous system! And when we are deficient, it can affect our sleep, stress levels and mood. Along with essential oils, this pure elemental Magnesium is the superstar in your Destination Zen gift set.


Soothing Gift #1 - Sleep Well Spray

Enriched with Organic Essential oils to induce peaceful rest. Lavender Oil, the world’s most successful sleep oil is joined by Sweet Marjoram which calms the nervous system. The natural sedative Clary Sage meets Cedarwood which stimulates melatonin (the sleep hormone).


Soothing Gift #2 - Stress & Anxiety Spray

Infused with Organic Essential oils to soothe the nervous system. Lavender Oil, helps induce a soothing sleep while Roman Chamomile reduces anxiety. Bergamot reduces nervous tension, while calming Clary Sage takes us to a deep level of nervous system relaxation.


Calm Your Zenses – Head & Body Tension

Give the gift of mind and body relaxation with the Calm Your Zenses Gift Set. It includes our Migraine & Headache Spray and Stress and Anxiety Spray. This combination of all-natural mind and body boosters is complete TLC for the senses. One spray for head tension and one for all-over relaxation makes everything feel better.


Sweet Dreams – Restless Legs And Sleep

The Sweet Dreams Gift Set includes our Sleep Well, and Restless Legs Magnesium Sprays. This double sleep support provides sweet relief from that painful “pins and needles” feeling, as well as sleep inducing calm, so you can doze more deeply. It’s the perfect gift for anyone struggling with Restless Leg Syndrome and disturbed sleep.

Unique Formulas To Satisfy Everyday Needs

Unique Formulas To Satisfy Everyday Needs

We combine our Ionic Magnesium Chloride with only the best natural and Organic ingredients to create products to support your health, beauty and enhance everyday life. Each special formula is easy to use and works as described.

Proudly USA Made

All Seven Minerals products are made in the USA in a state of the art facility.

Your Purchase Today Also Includes A Magnesium Guide

You’ll love finding out how this incredible natural healer works in our enlightening ebook "Seven Minerals Magnesium Guide" with over 30 tips on how to make the most out of your magnesium products. 



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