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Hair Recovery Pack

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Hair Recovery Pack - Aloe Vera SPRAY for Body & Hair, Anti-hair Loss Magnesium Spray, and Aloe Vera Gel

  • ABSORBS RAPIDLY - Our Aloe Vera Spray does not leave a layer of an artificial thickener on your skin - it absorbs rapidly, leaving your skin smooth and silky.
  • NO TOXIC CHEMICALS: No sulphates, parabens or toxic chemicals. Just scalp food. The combination of Pure Magnesium + Organic Aloe Vera + Essential Oils is all you need to start unblocking and feeding the roots. So you can boost natural the hair growth cycle
  • IT WORKS: Our hair follicles can get blocked with things like calcium deposits, dandruff, dead skin. And they get inflamed. A magnesium treatment like this, helps to unblock the follicles, and nourish the scalp. This is a a unique, all natural formula that works!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We’re so confident that you’ll love our natural Hair Recovery Pack that we’ll offer a full refund in case of any dissatisfaction.

Product Description

Natural and effective rescue kit for all hair types

Hair loss and damage can be caused by my many factors – poor diet, heat damage, chemicals, stress, you name it! If you are experiencing a hair crisis, it’s time to save those follicles with the help of 100% natural ingredients.

Toss aside the hair mask with unpronounceable ingredients, and the paraben-filled treatments. These harsh ingredients generally dry out the hair, causing further damage and nutrient depletion. Instead, opt for the help of Aloe Vera and magnesium to protect the follicle and support optimal growth the natural way.

What’s inside:

1) Aloe Vera Skin & Body Spray:

With over 75 nutritional compounds, Aloe Vera is the ultimate powerhouse for your hair. Packed with proteolytic enzymes to break up dead skin cells on your scalp, say goodbye to dandruff and clogged follicles. Furthermore, Aloe Vera can help strip off excess oil from the scalp to provide a deep-clean feeling without the use of harsh shampoos. Aloe Vera in the spray can be easily applied on your scalp 15-20 minutes before washing your hair. Also, Aloe Vera Spray is perfect to use as a leave on conditioner. Spray it on wet hair after hair wash and leave it on. It is perfect for beach wave hair and great to control natural curly hair. It protects hair from getting too dry after using a hair dryer or hair straightener. 

2) Anti-hair Loss Magnesium Spray:

Magnesium may help increase blood circulation to the scalp, due to its role in blood pressure. This increase in blood flow to the scalp may accelerate the renewal of hair follicles. Furthermore, magnesium may help soothe inflammation and unblock follicles to promote healthy hair development. With the help of nourishing essential oils, such as organic thyme oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, and cedarwood oil, this product is an excellent hair-growth product.

3) Aloe Vera Gel

Using Aloe is an excellent and natural way to encourage hair growth and have stronger and healthier hair. Commercial shampoos are often laden with harsh chemicals. Instead, aloe is the most gentle way to help treat dandruff without drying out scalp or causing harsh reactions. Aloe's proteolytic enzymes and anti-fungal properties can combat scalp itching and dandruff buildup on the scalp. Use Aloe Vera Gel as a natural hair conditioner before rinsing out your hair. Aloe Vera Gel is perfect for a natural hair mask, you can leave it on all night. It is also great to use as a natural hair conditioner, apply after shampooing and use just like a regular hair conditioner. You can also mix some of the aloe gel in your shampoo for extra benefits.

Expert’s Tips:

1) Mix Aloe Vera into your SLS-free shampoo or hair mask for a boost of nourishment. Suffer from frizzy, curly hair? Spritz some of the Aloe Vera spray onto your locks to keep them in place and diminish the frazzled look!

2) Use the Magnesium spray 30 minutes before washing your hair (3 times a week) for a minimum of 90 days to regulate the hair growth cycle.

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