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Sleep Pack

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Sleep Pack - SLEEP WELL Magnesium Chloride Flakes, All-Natural Sleeping Aid for Insomnia and Stress & Anxiety Magnesium Spray

  • SLEEP EASY WITH PURE ANCIENT MINERALS: Many magnesium salts have been tainted by toxins and heavy metals. But for the most restful sleep Seven Minerals has sourced direct from a deep untouched watershed. Your healing flakes are 300 million years old from ancient Permian waters. They are free of toxic heavy metals, preservatives, colors, bleach or synthetic fragrance.
  • ALL NATURAL AND DRUG FREE FORMULATION - Most sleep aid products on the market are pills, prescription drugs, and medications that can lead to depression and addiction, not ours. Our all natural solution contains a unique blended spray of pure Mg oil, Cedarwood, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, and Clary Sage that are clinically proven to help calm and relax you for a good night's rest. Now you can fall asleep faster and longer without harsh chemicals that have long term negative side effects
  • Not only are you getting a super-saturated solution of magnesium chloride , but you’ll get that extra calm boost from: Lavender oil for a peaceful sleep roman chamomile reduces anxiety clary sage to calm the nervous system bergamot for nervous tension so if you’re still looking for a stress and anxiety remedy or relief from migraines, restless leg syndrome or sleepless nights try ‘stress and anxiety’ transdermal magnesium oil from seven minerals.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We’re so confident that you’ll love our natural Sleep Pack that we’ll offer a full refund in case of any dissatisfaction.

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Product Description:

Drift-off blissfully with no sleep-aid or side-effects

From jam-packed schedules to highly stressful work demands and family responsibilities, it is no surprise that a majority of individuals find it difficult to catch some zzz’s when the head hits the pillow.

Not only can regular use of sleep-aid cause overreliance, they come with an exhaustive list of side effects and potential dangers. Push the pills aside, and regulate your sleeping pattern with a natural approach.

Featuring high-quality calming essential oils and much-needed magnesium, this sleep pack will help you recharge your batteries after a long day.

What’s inside:

1) Sleep Well Magnesium Bath Flakes:

Packed with highly bioavailable magnesium chloride, these bath flakes will help replenish your magnesium stores to promote an array of health benefits, including sleep regulation. Enriched with soothing organic lavender oil and cedarwood oil, allow the powerful aromas to work their magic – just don’t fall asleep in the bath!

2) Sleep Well Magnesium Spray:

Boasting a fine blend of therapeutic aromatic oils, including lavender, cedarwood, sweet marjoram and clary sage, this magnesium oil spray is the ultimate sleep remedy. Not only have these essential oils been thoroughly researched for promising calming and relaxing benefits, magnesium is a potent mineral involved in sleep regulation.  

3) Stress & Anxiety Magnesium Spray:

Formulated with ionic magnesium, lavender, bergamot, clary sage and Roman chamomile, this spray is a stress-busting savior in a bottle. Reaching deep into the cells, the aromatic oils and magnesium will help melt tension and release nerves to provide calming relief.

Expert’s Tips:

1) Prepare the ultimate dream-worthy bath with 10-12 tablespoons of the Sleep Well Flakes into warm water. To maximize the benefits and absorption of magnesium, make sure the water temperature doesn’t exceed 45 °C. To make it your own, add your favorite essential oils into the bath for sheer aromatic indulgence.

2) Apply the Sleep Well Spray half an hour before the desired sleep-time, by massaging it into your skin. Suffering from a headache? Spritz a little on your hand and rub into your temples to put your mind at rest.

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