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Valentines Pack 2

$31.50  $39.90

Deep Relaxation Magnesium Chloride Flakes 3lb and Seven Minerals Stress & Anxiety Magnesium Spray

Sink into ancient soothing waters with Deep Relaxation Magnesium Bath Flakes from Seven Minerals. Naturally release stress as you soak amongst pure Elemental Magnesium and Organic Essential Oils.


Bathe Away The Stress Of The Day

Soak for 30 minutes in Seven Minerals Deep Relaxation Bath Flakes just once, and it becomes obvious why everyone loves these heavenly bath flakes for releasing stress, tension, or headaches.

Perhaps it’s because they’re infused with a blend of soothing organic essential oils. Or maybe it’s because we use only the highest purity Magnesium Chloride Flakes. 

Regardless of reason, when you soak for 30 minutes in Deep Relaxation, the results are obvious. A calming wave washes over your mind and body, releasing stress and tension.

Seven Minerals Stress & Anxiety Magnesium Spray with Organic Blend of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage & Bergamot - 4 fl oz

Ionic Magnesium Chloride is absorbed through the skin and rapidly into the bloodstream, where it arrives safely at your stressed out cells. Now, you may have already tried Magnesium Pills. But according to science not all Magnesium is easily absorbed, so you’re not getting the full benefit.

While some products leave you dashing for the bathroom others leave you wondering if you took anything at all.

We’ve also combined the power of USDA Certified Organic Aromatherapy. Soothing aromas tickle your senses, while the magnesium goes to work deep in your cells.

Not only are you getting a supersaturated solution of Magnesium Chloride, but you’ll get that extra calm boost from:

- Lavender Oil for a peaceful sleep
- Roman Chamomile reduces anxiety
- Clary Sage to calm the nervous system
- Bergamot for nervous tension

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