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10 Castile Soap Benefits & Uses

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With a multitude of castile soap benefits, this soothing, nourishing beauty revelation deserves a spot in your bathroom. Find out about the dozens of castile soap uses, and discover the natural beauty, home and health benefits of castile soap below.

Castile Soap Benefits & Uses

What is Castile Soap?

Castile Soap BodywashAn incredibly versatile plant-based miracle product, castile soap is not your average bar of soap. Traditionally, castile soap gained its name due to the region it was produced in: Castile, Spain. Historically, castile soap was formulated using pure olive oil from this region. Nowadays, castile soap is crafted with a variety of nutritious oils and ingredients, further enhancing its beneficial properties. Such ingredients include argan oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil, coconut oil and more.

Pure castile soap can be found in liquid or bar form. Although castile soap has gained interest in the health and beauty field, it is important to find the best castile soap to ensure that you are receiving a pure, natural and nontoxic product.

Not only is pure castile soap highly nourishing and environmentally friendly, the uses of castile soap are endless. With an exhaustive list of different ways you can use it, the castile soap benefits will undoubtedly lure you in - there really is something for everyone. 

Castile Soap: 10 Benefits and Uses

    1) Wound treatment: Papercut or scar giving you pain? Castile soap may be used to help clean wounds when diluted properly. Simply mix two teaspoons with 2 cups of filtered water and gently clean the wound to reduce risk of infection. Pair it with aloe vera to help soothe insect bites in summer months.
      2) Face Mask: Create your own DIY mask with pure castile soap and aloe vera! Blend 1 tsp of castile soap with 3 tbsp of aloe vera gel. Apply to the face, leave on for 10 minutes and wash off for a nourished, silky smooth complexion.
        Castile Soap Pet Shampoo3) Deodorant: Sick of chemical-filled deodorants darkening your armpits? Castile soap can be a brilliant deodorant. Add a teaspoon of castile soap to a teaspoon of sea salt in a sprayer bottle, and spritz on your armpits for a natural alternative.
          4) Body wash: Having castile soap in the shower is very handy, as it can be used directly as a nourishing and cleansing body wash. It is suitable as baby soap and even as pet shampoo.
            5) Fresh produce natural rinse: To get rid of nasty pesticides and chemicals off your fresh fruit and veggies, rinse them in a bowl with a teaspoon of castile soap and water.

              6) Makeup remover: Need a natural makeup remover? Mix equal parts of coconut oil and castile soap in a small bowl. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and gently remove makeup with the pad. Rinse face afterwards and moisturize.

              7) Makeup brush cleaner: Mix half a teaspoon of castile soap in a cup of filtered warm water. Gently swirl the tip of your makeup brushes in the solution, and rinse well to get rid of makeup residue.

              Castile Soap Dishwashing8) Anti-bug spray: Pesky insects infesting your house plants? Keep the bugs at bay with a tablespoon of castile soap mixed with a cup of water in a sprayer bottle. Spray generously onto leaves and allow to air dry.

              9) Household cleaner: Tackle all cleaning jobs, big or small, with a mixture of 1 cup castile soap and 2 cups water. Spray onto the desired surface and scrub away the dirt for squeaky clean results.

              10) Shampoo: This all-purpose soap will be your new best friend in the shower. Simply use a small amount onto your hand and work it into wet hair. Rinse as normal.

              Seven Minerals Castile Soap: What is the difference?

              To get the best castile soap, it is important that it is as natural as possible. Seven Minerals’ Castile Soap is palm-oil free, meaning it is good for the environment and good for you. Unlike many castile soap brands on the market, Seven Minerals’ Castile Soap is purely organic, and made with a blend of beneficial ingredients. As Seven Minerals’ Castile Soap is of very high quality, it performs 2-3 times better than average soap and cleansers. With vegan-friendly, non GMO sources used to formulate this product, it is a well-trusted soap that boasts a versatile list of uses. Besides the unscented Castile Soap, Seven Minerals offers a variety of naturally scented castile soaps, ranging from Mandarin & Basil to Sweet Orange. For more uses and benefits, you may wish to consider the comprehensive Castile Soap E-book that is available for purchase on Seven Minerals.


              With the amount of pure castile soap benefits and uses, this incredible product may be your next favorite all-purpose item. Remember to seek a palm-oil free pure castile soap to do your bit to protect the environment.


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