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Sleep Well Magnesium Spray, 4 Oz


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Premium Natural Sleeping Aid for Insomnia and Good Night's Sleep - Pure Magnesium Oil Spray Blended with Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils (Cedarwood, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram & Clary Sage) 4 oz …


ALL NATURAL AND DRUG FREE FORMULATION : Unlike most sleep aid products on the market where you need pills, prescription drugs and medications that can lead to depression and addiction. Our all natural solution contains a Unique Blended Spray of Pure Mg Oil, Cedarwood, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram and Clary Sage that are clinically proven to help calm and relax you for a good night's rest. Now you can fall asleep faster and longer without the negative side effects that contain harsh chemicals.

GET PERFECT SLEEP EVERY NIGHT : Tired of counting sheep? Do you suffer from Insomnia, Restlessness or Sleep Deprivation? Our Natural Sleep Aid can give you a full night of rest each and every night so you wake up to feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle the day.

PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS : Our Natural Sleep Aid is made up of the best quality ingredients. We’ve sourced our Magnesium Oil right in the USA to ensure its 100% pure Pharmacopeia (USP) Grade, Natural, Non Toxic, Unfiltered, Undiluted without added fillers or artificial ingredients. All products are manufactured in the USA to ensure safety, potency and quality.

DEEP SLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG : Most sleeping aids or prescription drugs can leave you feeling groggy and tired. With a simple spray from our Sleeping Aid, you’ll fall asleep quickly and remain in a deep, restful state for the entire night. There is no better feeling than waking up from a full night's rest to feel refreshed and full of energy every single day from now on.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Here at Seven Minerals we proudly stand behind our product to give you the best sleep you’ve ever had. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. Get in touch with our top notch customer service team for a full no questions asked refund.

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Are you suffering from Insomnia, Restless Nights or Sleep Deprivation? Do You Feel Tired and Groggy Every Time You Wake up?

SLEEP WELL is a natural sleeping aid made up of a unique blend of ingredients and organic essential oils that work together to help give you a deeper and more restful sleep every night. Works effectively whether you are a light sleeper or simply can’t get to sleep at all.

Here is What Makes Seven Minerals Natural Sleeping Aid so Potent and Effective..

Excellent Quality Blend - Every ingredient is specifically chosen to work together to help you sleep better by relaxing the body and mind for a full night’s rest.

✓ Pure Magnesium - Works as an effective muscle relaxant because of its ability to relax the brain and nervous system.
✓ Cedarwood - An excellent sedative that has soothing and calming effects. Promotes healthy sleep by stimulating and releasing melatonin and sleep hormones.
✓ Lavender - Studies have shown lavender oil helps alleviate anxiety, sleep disturbance and even combats depression.
✓ Sweet Marjoram - Commonly used to treat people with sleep disorders for its ability to calm and sedate the mind which reduces hypertension and calm the nervous system.
✓ Clary Sage - Serves as an antidepressant to reduce stress and anxiety. It gives you a calm and peaceful feeling you need to fall asleep faster.
✓ Easy to Use - Apply it before going to bed and spray it directly on your feet and legs or massage the oil onto any area of the body for relaxation. We’ve also included a Magnesium Oil guide with over 30 tips to maximize your results.

✓ 100% Sleep Well Guarantee - If you aren’t getting the sleep the you deserve, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no questions asked refund. Try us RISK FREE today!

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Product Dimensions : 4 x 2 x 2 inches ; 8 ounces
Shipping Weight : 10.4 ounces


SLEEP WELL is a unique blend of Pure Magnesium Oil and Organic Essential Oils - A powerful all-natural sleep aid for insomnia and restless sleep.

Liquid Magnesium Chloride (USP Grade), Organic Cedarwood Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Sweet Marjoram Oil, Organic Clary Sage Oil.

Shake well before each use. Apply before going to bed. Spray the oil directly on your feet and legs, or massage into any area of the body to aid relaxation. Let oil air dry for best results. For sensitive skin, dilute with water. You may experience some itchiness. This is normal and is due to low magnesium levels or salt residue. Should itchiness occur, wash off oil after 20 minutes and/or apply moisturizer to skin.

1. No one with kidney failure should use any Magnesium products. If you are on dialysis or if your doctor has issued the warnings against supplements of any kind, then magnesium oil should not be used.
2. If you have low heart rates, please consult your doctor before use as magnesium relaxes your body.
3. Not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, freshly shaved areas and cuts. If you have kidney failure or are pregnant, consult your doctor before use. If irritation, redness or discomfort occurs, discontinue use.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Allshouse
Amazing results

I have heard on several talk shows about taking magnesium for anxiety and insomnia. I tried taking magnesium supplements orally for 3 weeks but the side effects/diarrhea were unbearable and I had to stop taking those capsules. When I found this product on the internet I figured it was worth a try. I have used it two nights in a row now and I have not slept so well through the night in so long. This spray is amazing and I will recommend this one hundred percent to anyone with sleep issues.

Alfred Davis

Seems to work a little better than the the plain magnesium oil spray!🤞

Sleep magnesium

First few nights it worked amazingly. Then it didnt so I quit using it for a week. Began using it again and it worked amazing again. Love it would definitely recommend it.

Robin Hoelting

The spray is absolutely great! I didn't have the stinging/itching that some do, but it causes my feet to cramp at night, so I've had to discontinue use. May try it on other areas. I didn't notice it helping with sleep, but didn't get to use it but a few days. I'm sure it's just me, because I've always been prone to sensitive reactions to products, including meds and vitamins. But it's a good product that I will recommend to others.


Yet another Seven Minerals product that does indeed live up to its name. Wherever I apply I feel relaxed and calm, and the aroma is also calming and a Good Night. Thanks again for not only your products, but also the positive people who create them and assist with purchasing and questions.