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New SLEEP WELL Magnesium Chloride Flakes 3lb

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New SLEEP WELL Magnesium Chloride Flakes 3lb – Absorbs Better than Epsom Salt - Unique & Natural Full Bath Soak Formula for Insomnia Relief & Healthy Sleep - With USDA Organic Cedarwood & Lavender

About the product
  • SLEEP EASY WITH PURE PERMIAN MINERALS: Many magnesium salts have been tainted by toxins and heavy metals. But for the most restful sleep Seven Minerals has sourced direct from a deep untouched watershed. Your healing flakes are 300 million years old from ancient Permian waters. They are free of toxic heavy metals, preservatives, colors, bleach or synthetic fragrance.
  • SLEEP DEEPER WITH ADDED AROMATHERAPY: When you combine Ionic Magnesium Chloride with USDA Organic Essential Oils, the sleep promoting benefits are magnified. In just 20-30 minutes of soaking, you’ll feel a wave of calm that prepares your body for rest. Contains Lavender Oil for a peaceful deeper sleep and Cedarwood Oil to help stimulate melatonin, the sleep hormone.
  • GREATER ABSORPTION THAN EPSOM SALTS: Essential oils are an important boost in this special formulation. But when you add them to Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) the Magnesium absorption is blocked! That’s why we choose Elemental Magnesium Chloride. It is also more bioavailable to cells, going deeper into tissues and providing long lasting relief.
  • ARE YOU DEFICIENT IN THIS NATURAL SLEEP AID? Magnesium is required for 300 chemical reactions in the body, and when we are low it affects our ability to relax and sleep. Sleep Well by Seven Minerals is a specialist formulation for insomnia, sleep deprivation and restlessness. It will also help with general relaxation, restless legs and boost essential Magnesium levels for all round general health and detoxification.
  • MANUFACTURED IN USA - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Thank you for purchasing Sleep Well Magnesium Bath Flakes enhanced with USDA Organic Essential Oils. We can’t wait for you to drift off into your first deep sleep. If for some unique reason you’re not satisfied, simply contact us for return or replacement. Order Now.

Product description

Enjoy deep sleep again with Sleep Well Magnesium Bath Flakes. The purest Magnesium boosted with Organic Essential Oils work together for the most potent natural sleep aid you’ve found. Order Now.

How Can Something So Natural Be A POWERFUL Sleep Aid?

We’ll let science explain.

... Over 300 reactions in the body need Magnesium, but most of us are deficient thanks to low levels in foods, poor diets, and stress. When we are deficient our nervous system suffers leading to poor sleep and racing minds!

But when you soak in BIOAVAILABLE Magnesium (Mg Chloride) levels are replenished the way our ancestors used to! No poor quality Epsom Salts, and no harsh medications. Simply, the most absorbable PURE magnesium on the planet.

... Sleep Well Magnesium Bath Flakes are enriched with soothing, therapeutic grade essential oils, free from toxins, heavy metals and bleach. Sleep the way Mother Nature intended.

MORE Zzzzzzzz’s With Ionic Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes...

  • With Organic Cedarwood Oil. A natural sedative to stimulate melatonin – the sleep hormone
  • Enriched with Organic Lavender Oil the world’s most successful oil for sleep
  • Also relieves restless legs and muscle tension
  • Soothes headaches and migraines that can keep you awake


We must replenish with the most bioavailable magnesium known to man to get on top of our deficiencies. Mg Chloride is better absorbed than Epsom Salt (Mg Sulfate), and our body retains it better. It also allows for deeper absorption when combined with Essential Oils.

ORDER NOW With Our RISK FREE 100% Money Back Guarantee

The effective natural sleep aid you wanted is here! If for some reason you’re not satisfied, simply contact us for return or replacement. Order Now.

Important information

SLEEP WELL FLAKES are a unique blend of Pure Magnesium Oil and USDA Organic Essential Oils - A powerful all-natural sleep aid for insomnia and restless sleep.

Magnesium Chloride Flakes (and other naturally occurring healthy trace minerals), Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Cedarwood Oil. No added preservatives, colors and artificial fragrances.

For foot soak dissolve 5-6 tablespoons and for full body bath 10-12 tablespoons into warm water (101-103 °F / 38 - 41 °C). Bath water should not be too hot, as it prevents the skin from absorbing the magnesium. Recommended bath duration is 20-30 minutes. Use product 2-3 times per week or more often, if needed.

Customer Reviews

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New SLEEP WELL Magnesium Chloride Flakes 3lb

It Works!

First time I used it I didn't get relief from muscle spasm related (I believe) to magnesium deficiency. When I use their spray, I get no spasms. I next 2X I used this, it worked & also helped me to have a deeper sleep. It also helped take away pain from standing all day. Only negative is that you must make time in the evening before bed.

Best ever!

Love this product after many years of buying Epson salt to soak in. Also learned from this company about water temp. and how it effects the absorption into your skin. Thank you! Will be ordering a lot.

Just what I need

Just what I need right now to help me relax and sleep.

The Best

Love this