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Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil - Big 32 fl oz Bottle - Non-GMO, Hexane Free, 100% Pure Neem Oil for Plants Spray, Skincare, & Haircare. Treats Dry Skin, Wrinkles, & Promotes Healthy Hair Growth


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  • ✅ PURE + NATURAL - Our Neem Oil has only 1 ingredient: Pure Azadirachta Indica (Neem) Oil. No GMOs, no added ingredients, no Hexane, just natural goodness.
  • ✅ ECO-SIZED BOTTLE - Unlike other 16oz Oils, our Neem Oil is stored in BIG 32oz bottles. This means you save money and we use less plastic. SMALL changes make a BIG difference for your wallet AND the environment!
  • ✅ KEEPS NATURAL GARDENS CLEAN - Our cold pressed Neem Oil is top rated for garden care. This 100% pure oil perfectly cares for plants & gardens without harmful chemicals.
  • ✅ NOURISHES SKIN, STRENGTHENS HAIR - Neem Oil is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that are well known for strengthening hair and nourishing skin. Massage into your scalp before shampooing & conditioning, or apply this to your skin. Watch it work wonders for both!
  • ✅ GUARANTEED TO PERFORM - Start using your Neem Oil the moment it arrives. Love it as a carrier oil, or for its benefits alone, or we’ll refund every cent. Order Now.

Customer Reviews

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Hardly B
Good Stuff

I've been fighting spyder mites in my evergreen ornamentals, using oil/soap spray. Years ago I was advised to use Neem oil, but the oil I tried was so gummy and coagulated that it just clogged up the nozzle. So I've been reluctant to try Neem oil again, even though it's the right stuff to kill the mites. I'm glad I overcame my reluctance and tried this cold-pressed Neem oil. It mixed well with the soap/alcohol/hydrogen peroxide recipe, and the plants are recovering. It's good stuff, and I'd recommend it to others.

Great value for neem oil!

I received this bottle of neem oil in excellent condition. It was sealed well with no leakage. I use this oil on my houseplants to keep pests at bay and have been very happy so far. This appears to be a fresh, high quality oil and I like that I can also use it for skincare if I choose to do so.Bottom line: I would buy this neem oil again.

Bintu Bakarr
Not quite the same as the one I am using in Europe.

It's not the same as the one I have been using in England. I bought it for hair

Eric S.
A Real Bargain

Support this Great AMERICAN company. I am very pleased with their NEEM oil, esp. for the price.

tanya taylor
satisfied with otder

I like the oil