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Detox Bundle: Wellness Duo Pack


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Trust badgesWellness Duo: Castor Oil and Magnesium Oil Bundle

🌿 Unlock the Power of Nature's Remedies 🌿

Experience the synergy of two extraordinary natural elixirs in one exclusive Seven Minerals bundle – Castor Oil and Magnesium Oil. Elevate your self-care routine and discover the remarkable benefits of this dynamic duo.

Castor Oil

🌿 Pure, Cold-Pressed Perfection: Our Castor Oil is sourced from the finest castor beans and cold-pressed to preserve its natural goodness.

🌿 Gut Health Guardian: Harness the age-old wisdom of castor oil packs to support digestive wellness and detoxification.

🌿 Beauty and Beyond: Nourish your skin, promote lush hair growth, and soothe tired muscles with this versatile oil.

Magnesium Oil

🌿 The Magic of Magnesium: Restore your body's magnesium levels with our premium USP grade Magnesium Oil.

🌿 The Magic of Magnesium:: Soothe sore muscles, ease cramps, and enhance your post-workout recovery with this fast-absorbing oil.

🌿 Stress-Relief Wonders: Experience the benefits of magnesium as it helps you relax, sleep better, and manage stress.

The Perfect Pairing

Combine these two exceptional oils for a holistic wellness routine like no other. Join the wellness revolution today. Order your Castor Oil and Magnesium Oil Bundle now, and let nature's gifts transform your life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tina Smith
Castor oil-magnesium oil

I've been using Castor oil and I'm sold on it. I'm new to Magnesium oil and I can't see any difference. That I can tell.

Lizette Colon

Excellente !!

Wellness Pack

Great quality from Seven Minerals. I'd recommend this company!

Duo bundle

My family and i really like this bundle. Castor oil is very helpful with our dry skin and wounds and many other uses for inflammation. The magnesium oil works wonders at bedtime, makes everyone sleepy.