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10 Essential Oils and Their Benefits

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Essential Oil Benefits

The power of essential oils on your overall health and well-being is underestimated. Often complimenting a natural remedy regimen, essential oils are packed with health benefits - and smell divine too!

Learn about the top 10 essential oils and their benefits for your well-being.

1. Lavender Oil - Destress and drift off

The perfect oil to calm and relax, lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils for its wondrous health benefits. Extracted from organic lavender, this oil is used as a soothing agent to encourage sleep and serenity. It is also often added to aromatherapy sessions to induce relaxation due to its powerful scent.

When enriched with a magnesium carrier oil, lavender oil doubles up the benefits to help you unwind and melt away the stress of the day.

2. Sweet Marjoram Oil - Tension solver

A potent analgesic, sweet marjoram oil is the perfect oil for ultimate relaxation and soothing achy muscles. Sweet marjoram oil is particularly beneficial for relaxing the nervous system to relieve tension and anxiety. In addition, it has been used for decades to treat a variety of conditions, acting as a ‘nerve tonic’ and ‘heart tonic’.

When combined with magnesium oil, sweet marjoram oil can help soothe and treat migraines and headaches, as well as provide stress relief.

3. Rosemary Oil: Nourish and uplift

Coming from the evergreen rosemary shrub, this oil is known for an array of health benefits. Used since folk medicine as a natural remedy, rosemary oil is now renowned for its useful properties in modern treatments.

Rosemary oil is an uplifting oil thought to improve energy, mood and focus. Additionally, studies show promising effects of rosemary oil in preventing hair loss.

Coupled with magnesium, rosemary oil can help boost nourishment to the follicle and scalp and improve circulation for healthier hair.

4. Basil Oil: Calm mind and focus

A warm, spicy oil that is commonly used to relieve anxiety, basil oil is a brilliant mood lifter. Its strong aroma helps to calm the mind and relax the muscles and nerves to rid any tension from the body.

Alongside magnesium, basil oil can help reduce mental fatigue to clear the mind and reduce headache-causing tension.

5. Peppermint Oil: All-in-one relief

Perhaps one of the most popular essential oils, peppermint’s unique aroma is well-loved for a variety of reasons. Extracted from the peppermint leaves, this oil has been applied as a remedy to a variety of conditions, including digestive issues, relieving colds, and supporting skin and hair health.

Soothing the nasal passageways and clearing sinuses, peppermint is a great addition to magnesium carrier oils to relieve painful migraines.

6. Thyme Oil: Hair nourishment

Distilled from the leaves and flowers of the thymus vulgaris plant, thyme oil is not just a cooking tool. It has a rich, spicy and warm smell and has been used in culinary practices for years.

However, there are many more benefits to thyme oil than you think. Thyme oil exerts anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Alongside magnesium, thyme oil can help soothe and nourish the scalp to promote healthy hair growth, by boosting circulation to the scalp.

7. Cedarwood Oil: Ease cramps naturally

Derived from the needles, bark and berries of the cedar tree, this soothing wood oil is a versatile wonder-worker.

Cedarwood oil is known to have a myriad of properties, including exerting antifungal and antiseptic effects. Additionally, cedarwood can help relieve pain by relaxing tension and tight muscles.

When massaged in with magnesium oil, say goodbye to tight muscle cramps. 

8. Clary Sage Oil: Zen and stress-free

Clary sage oil is a powerful tool for lifting the mood and clearing the mind from anxiety. In studies, clary sage oil aromatherapy and application has been shown to induce a sense of well-being.

Working hand in hand with magnesium, clary sage oil can rid the body from stress and anxiety to put you into blissful, dreamy sleep.

9. Roman Chamomile Oil: Calm in a bottle

Roman Chamomile is a magical essential oil, safely used to reduce digestive issues, relieve stress and improve well-being. It has also been used to reduce tantrums and irritability in babies and infants.

Its calming, light fruity scent is the perfect reliever after a long, stressful day. Use this alongside magnesium oil to unwind and get your body and mind ready for restorative sleep.

10. Orange Oil: Mood lifter and pain reliever

Zesty, fresh and uplifting, orange oil is a brilliant addition to any essential oil cabinet. Not only can this powerful oil improve your mood and get you started on a high note, it also has soothing properties that can help combat cramps and pain.

Used alongside magnesium, orange oil can relax the nerves to relieve cramp tension and painful muscle aches. 

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