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10 Tips to Keep You Safe as COVID Restrictions are Lifted

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Before we get into the tips I want to make sure to communicate something. We’re NOT recommending you risk going out in public before local, state, and national governments recommend doing so. We wrote this article to help prepare our country for the long awaited openings of our businesses, schools, & communities. And with that note, here are the

10 Tips to Keep You Safe as COVID Restrictions are Lifted.



Tip #1: Don't Get Lazy

Starting with what is probably the most important tip of them all.

Don’t Get Lazy.

As things begin to open back up, whether or not we make things better or worse is up to each and every one of us.

Keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask, don’t touch your face. These are some of the most simple examples of things you’ll NEED to be doing over the next weeks/months. Unfortunately, one of the easiest things to do will be to STOP doing the right things, so stay vigilant.


Tip #2: Stay Stocked Up with Cleaning Supplies

The trend of keeping surfaces, hands, and the air clean isn’t going away any time soon. So you might need more than you think.

Make sure you have masks, hand sanitizer, hand soap, wet wipes (or anything that can clean surfaces) in stock. You can buy homemade masks on etsy, or make a DIY one of your own!


Tip #3: Don’t Use Cash

We’ve always known cash is dirty, but really think about it. How many hands have touched that dollar in your wallet? More than you’d probably like to admit. How did you get that dollar? By using an ATM. How many people used that ATM? And of course, when you pay with cash, you're also touching the hands of the person at the cash register.

That’s a lot of unnecessary contact!

So skip this, use your credit card (lots of them have touch pay! Here’s how to know), or even better, pay with your phone (it’s actually super easy, check this out). Obviously, there are times where cash is necessary, so be sure to wash your hands with soap/water and always have hand sanitizer ready!

Tip #4: Be Smart When Running Your Errands

You should put more thought into running your usual errands. Go alone and make a list of everything you need to accomplish. Only getting what you need will keep your trips short and efficient.

Figure out the busiest hours for local businesses and try to avoid those times. Google Popular Times is a great feature that shows you how busy a business is on any given day. Planning ahead can help you bypass the crowds and make your trips safer & shorter!

Tip #5: Safely Pumping Gas

Like cash, gas pumps are touched A LOT. As we begin to venture outside more and more, over the coming months, gas stations will be busier.

Think about this. Let's say 10 people touch the gas pump in one hour. That's 100 people in a 10 hour period and well over 700 in a week!

Using latex gloves can help limit your exposure. If those aren't handy, try using the hand towels that are sometimes provided at the pump. See if there are any full-service gas stations in your neighborhood, as some stations are starting to offer this service. Keep an extra set of wet wipes or hand sanitizer in your car at all times. 

Tip #6: (Surprise!) Eat Healthy

This one is well, obvious… We know all too well how hard it is to pick up healthy eating habits. But there is NO better excuse to eat healthier than a nasty sickness going around.

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, etc., (you’ve heard it all 100 times!) One of the easiest ways to do this is to opt for immune boosting foods and skip the sugar! This, of course, won’t prevent you from getting the virus, but it WILL put your body in the best condition to fight the virus if you end up catching it. 


Tip #7: Stay in Shape! (Without the risk...)

Everyone is eager to get back into the gym (I know I’m tired of using my dog as a bench press).  However, we recommend you hold off from going right away. Gyms are high traffic places with tons of frequently touched surfaces, so finding an at-home workout plan / service that works for you is still your best option.

We can’t know when gyms will open up again, so figuring out how to make do without the gym is important! Bodyweight workouts are a great alternative to using regular gym equipment. 

Tip #8: Working - (In the Office)

As offices begin to re-open, you’ll need to be extra careful when going back to work. Our advice? Make a list of all the things you do in your job. Keep track of the things that you need to do in the office/in person and the things you can do at home. Once this list is done it’s simple; do everything on your at-home list at home! 

Keep doing your meetings through Zoom or Skype. Need a contract or a new business deal signed? This is often best done in person, but DocuSign and HelloSign are great tools for making virtual signatures possible. In short, make a
list and stick to it! 


Tip #8.5: Working - (Retail / Restaurants)

Retail and restaurant workers obviously come into contact with more people than office workers on a day to day basis. So it’s important that you keep tip #1 in mind, Don’t Get Lazy. 

Stay a safe distance away from customers and fellow employees as much as possible. Wear a mask and keep your hands clean. Soap and water is best, but keep a bottle of hand sanitizer close by.

Tip #9: Travel Carefully

If you have to travel, you should prioritize driving over flying. This way YOU can control how many people you come into contact with. 

Before leaving, prepare a travel safety kit that includes extra soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. Also, check the CDC Covid map to see how widespread the virus is in the locations you are heading to and traveling through. 

Tip #10: Dating During COVID

Dating right now is tough. It feels flat out wrong to meet up with someone for a first date, while you’re not even willing to risk visiting your parents. How to fix this? Online dates! 

Bumble offers a video chat service that can be used as a substitute for in-person first dates. Bumble reported an impressive 84% increase in calls and video chats over the past month! That's a lot of social distancing friendly dates! Those of you already with that special someone should still keep social distancing in mind. Here are some great at home date night ideas to keep you and your loved one safe! 

It’s up to us to limit the spread of COVID-19. Keeping these tips in mind will help you and your families stay safe & healthy. 

If you're in need of hand sanitizer, our friends at KinRose care recently re-stocked! You can order some here.


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