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5 Gift Ideas For Your Family This Christmas

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Christmas season is fast approaching. While things may look a little different this year, bringing joy and presents to your loved ones can still happen.

Here are 5 gift ideas you can get for your family this Christmas. They also tick the eco-friendly box - to ensure your shopping list is kinder on the planet this year.

5 Gift Ideas:

1. Aloe Vera

With so many versatile benefits, aloe vera can be added to any DIY beauty recipe for hydration, nourishment and beyond. Give your hair mask or face mask a boost of nourishment by adding a few tablespoons of natural aloe vera - or make your own sanitizer to protect yourself and your loved ones. The possibilities are endless.

Best for: Mother, sister, partner.

2. Magnesium Bath Flakes

christmas gifts for family natural product

Gift your loved one the gift of soaking their stress away this Christmas. With over 300 benefits to magnesium combined with a warm comforting bath, magnesium bath flakes can soothe achy muscles and melt away tension from the body.

Best for: Hard-working relative, mother, athletic family.

3. Magnesium Cocoa Butter Cream

With the healing properties of magnesium coupled with hydrating shea butter and avocado, magnesium lotion is the ultimate indulgent post-shower moisturizer. For even more TLC, the rich magnesium cream can soothe all the dry cracks for silky smooth skin.

Best for: Mother, daughter, sister, pregnant relatives/friends.

4. Pure Castor Oil

A popular carrier oil prized for its health benefits, castor oil is beauty’s best kept secret. From nourishing the scalp to promoting hair growth, castor oil contains a potent mix of nourishing nutrients. Castor oil can be used as a standalone, or mixed with your favorite essential oils to curate DIY beauty mixes.

Best for: Mother, daughter, father.

5. Sleep Well Bath Flakes

Magnesium status is heavily linked to your sleep cycle. The Sleep Well Bath Flakes is an ideal gift for your tired family member that struggles to catch quality sleep at night. Featuring magnesium and relaxing lavender, the Sleep Well Bath Flakes can help support a healthy sleep routine for much-needed rejuvenation.

Best for: Busy family members.

When to shop for Christmas presents?

While we tend to hold off buying presents until the last week of Christmas, this year is a little different. However - because of the current circumstances - it is recommended to shop earlier for Christmas this year. Here’s why!

1. Safer for your wellbeing

Christmas season is chaotic in celebrating countries - with stores and malls crammed with last-minute shoppers. Avoid crowds and busy retail outlets this Christmas period by doing your shopping a few weeks earlier and storing away everything you need for the holidays. If you can, shop online to reduce contact with others and buy presents for your loved ones in the comfort of your own home.

2. Safer for employees

Minimising contact with retail employees will also mean that you are not placing others at risk of contracting any illnesses. By doing your shopping earlier or opting for online shopping, you can help reduce the spread of diseases and enjoy your festivities.

3. Reduced risk of stock shortages

With the rise of e-commerce and free time, shopping for goods is at an all-time high. Avoid last-minute disappointment and buy all your presents a few weeks early to prevent stock shortages from getting in the way of your gift ideas.

4. Prevent delayed deliveries

Christmas period is a hectic time - particularly for delivery companies. Last-minute online shopping can drastically increase delivery time. To avoid your gift taking weeks to arrive, order now to guarantee a speedy delivery.


From magnesium bath flakes to nourishing creams and lotions, there are a multitude of sustainable, natural and nourishing presents you can gift your loved ones this year.

Shopping early for Christmas will not only reduce stress, it will help control the spread of Coronavirus. By shopping early and opting for online shopping where possible, you can play your part in minimizing transmission. We wish you a safe and healthy Christmas and New Year.

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