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Uniqueness of Combining Magnesium Chloride with Other Powerful Natural Ingredients

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Magnesium chloride  is the most bioavailable inorganic magnesium known and when applied in the form of a topical oil it has the ability to be absorbed transdermally with incredible results.

As an oil, magnesium chloride is delivered directly into the bloodstream via the skin rather than having to be ingested, travel through the digestive system and then able to enter the blood where it can be delivered to the target tissues.

Because magnesium chloride can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin it also can be used as a delivery agent for a range of alternative care ingredients. For example, you can combine the rejuvenative properties of lavender essential oil to target specific areas of muscle tension and thus increase the stress and relaxation effects of this powerful mineral supplement. Additionally, you may want to add a few drops of peppermint essential oil for a more rejuvenative experience or rosemary essential oil to the temples for fast and easy relief of a tension headache.

Rosemary for example, has long been established as tonic for the nervous system and brain. Its essential oils have medicinal properties that are rejuvenative for exhausted nerves and have an antioxidant effect as well.

Peppermint contains menthol which creates a tingling sensation when applied topically. This tingly sensation is soothing and distracts the brain from the pain signal coming from a headache or a tired sore muscle and stimulates the olfactory glands to cool and ease the entire CNS.

Lavender also contains unique compounds in its essential oils when the scent is inhaled it signals to the brain to relax and create a relaxed physiology that enables us to create the “feel good” neurochemicals like serotonin and dopamine and to create less of the stress hormone cortisol.

The science of aromatherapy is an old one and centers around the impacts that certain essential oils, when inhaled, and applied topically, can influence the body's innate healing pathways.

Naturally, when you combine the best in bioavailability with the best delivery mechanism the results come quickly and easily, often within minutes. Its virtually like having a portable IV of Intravenous Magnesium Therapy around with you wherever you go.

With our fast paced lives, caffeine consumption, poor diets, and environmental stressors of all kinds it is important to ensure that you are getting enough of this key and vital nutrient to help your body maintain its delicate balance.

Magnesium Chloride Oil is simple mineral nutrition in an easy-to-apply format that gets you the results you want quickly and easily so that you can feel more at ease, have more energy, and live pain free.

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