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How Castile Soap is a Cleaning & Beauty Product

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castile soap for cleaning and beauty

Castile soap is a magical vegetable-based versatile product that can be used for almost everything. It is non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly when derived from non-palm oil sources.

What makes castile soap a miracle product? Here’s how castile soap is both a cleaning and beauty product. Get ready to save space on your shelves - and money. 

What is Castile soap?

Castile soap was traditionally formulated in the Mediterranean region from olive oil - and used for an array of cleaning and beauty purposes. The castile soap recipe was modified over time to include nourishing and cleansing ingredients that are also plant-derived; including coconut oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil and more.

Castile soap is 100% natural and is often found in liquid or solid form. Liquid castile soap is much more versatile to use, as you can use it as a base for your DIY cleaning and beauty recipes. Although castile soap is eco-friendly, some cheaper soap manufacturers may include non-sustainable palm oil as the main ingredient. Always look for a castile soap that is free from palm oil to ensure the highest quality and to protect the environment.

Wondering how to use castile soap? Learn how this soap can replace so many products sitting in your beauty and cleaning cupboards.

Castile soap for cleaning:

castile soap for cleaning vegetables

Castile soap is naturally an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent - without any harsh chemicals or additions. Castile soap works by degrading viruses and removing germs and bacteria from surfaces. There are many ways you can use castile soap to clean. Here are just a few:

Use castile soap to:

  • Wash fresh produce: Castile soap can be a very gentle and effective way of removing harmful pathogens and pesticide residues from your fruit and veggies. Mix a teaspoon of castile soap in a bowl of water and gently rinse your produce in the soap.
  • Keep your surfaces clean and shiny: Castile soap can be used as an all-purpose solution to get rid of any germs from any surface - no matter where. Simply add 60ml of castile soap with 1 liter of water with vinegar and essential oils and spray and wipe any surface you need to clean. Leave to air dry for fresh and clean surfaces.
  • Clean dishes for sparkling clean glasses and cutlery: Leave harsh chemicals of dishwasher tablets behind. Mix 50/50 castile soap and water and use in your detergent compartment as normal.
  • Shine windows for squeaky clean glasses: Freshen up your windows streak-free with the help of castile soap. Simply mix 25% castile soap with 75% water and use to clean. Rinse with soda water afterwards for a blinding shine.

Castile soap for beauty:

castile soap for shaving cream

Featuring a boost of nourishing oils and ingredients, castile soap is the perfect beauty solution for all your skincare needs. Whether you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, castile soap deserves a permanent slot in your beauty routine.

Here are just a few ways you can use castile soap for beauty purposes:

  • Makeup remover and cleanser: Castile soap can gently and effectively remove traces of makeup, dirt, pollution and toxins to leave you with a clear complexion. If you are prone to acne, add a few drops of witch hazel or tea tree oil to fight excess sebum. Mix equal parts with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and use a cotton pad to gently remove the dirt. Wash away as normal.
  • Shaving cream alternative: Instead of using drying creams, lather castile soap on your body to the area you would like to shave. This will protect you from razor bumps and encourage smooth and moisturized skin after you are done.
  • Face mask: Add castile soap to aloe vera and other natural ingredients to create the perfect face mask to suit your requirements.
  • Shampoo to clean the hair and scalp: Without parabens, sulphates or harsh chemicals, castile soap can be safely used to clean your hair without the damaging side effects. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of castile soap with a cup of water and use a small amount in your hair. Work it gently to form a lather by massaging your scalp in wet hair, and rinse thoroughly.


Castile soap is the perfect product to have in your household - whatever the purpose. Use castile soap safely for your beauty and cleaning needs.

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