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How Is Magnesium Improving Your Sleep?

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Sleeping well is an incredibly important factor for great health.

The practice of sleep is one of those unpopular subjects in our society today.There are so many wonderful things to do, people to see and places to be, that we seem to put sleep right to the bottom of our priority list. But what cost does this come with?  

Sleeping well is an incredibly important factor for great health. For most of our days we spend our time awake and going about our lives doing things. This results in our bodies being broken down, a process also known as catabolism. Because of this constant breaking down of our cells and tissues, we need a way to build our bodies back up again, and this anabolic process (building up) is what happens in the sleep state.

What happens while we are a sleep? 

Our bodies go through many comprehensive repair and healing processes when we sleep.Our hormones are regulated, our immune system is strengthened, our memories are processed and consolidated, our metabolism is enhanced, and that’s only the beginning. When we don’t get high quality sleep, or we cut our sleep time short, we are missing out on all of these processes functioning to the best of their ability, as well as messing around with our circadian rhythm timing (our internal body clock), which regulates our sleep cycle. If this continues to happen on a consistent basis, over time this can be problematic to health. Insomnia and other progressive sleep issues have been linked to such health conditions as heart disease, dementia, mental health issues and other metabolic disorders.

Why are sleeping disorders so prevalent today?

Why is it that there are so many sleep deprived people and why are sleeping disorders so prevalent in our world today?
An extremely common reason for sleep difficulties is that of magnesium deficiency, which seems to be a modern dilemma. Because of the lack of magnesium present in our food today, it is widely recommended that magnesium supplementation be considered for many people. Not all magnesium supplements are created equal, and some forms are better absorbed and used by the body than others.

What is the most effective way to supplement magnesium?

A high quality topical magnesium source such as magnesium chloride in a spray is the most effective way to supplement with magnesium. This is not only because magnesium chloride is one of the most absorbable forms, but also largely due to quicker and more efficient absorption method through the skin, straight into the blood stream. This is much more effective than taking a tablet or powder, where your body has to work harder to get what it needs by having to pass through the digestive system and being broken down, which by the end process has a less bioavailability of the entire amount being absorbed.

Magnesium is a co-factor to hundreds of enzyme systems in the body. Low levels of this incredible mineral can affect sleep in several ways.

Magnesium has an influence on the sleep hormone - melatonin.

Magnesium has an influence on the sleep hormone, melatonin and its production for regulation of a healthy sleep cycle. Without enough magnesium, getting to sleep or staying asleep can be quite difficult for some people. Others experience muscular aches and tension, which can be problematic when trying to sleep and can cause what’s known as restless legs, therefore also leading to nights of restless sleep.

Low magnesium levels can influence some overly stressed and anxious people to experience symptoms of adrenal fatigue. This means the stress hormone, cortisol, can be too high or too low at the wrong times of day or night, which also contributes to difficulty sleeping, since melatonin levels are low when cortisol is elevated.

If you are thinking about supplementing with a topical magnesium spray, this high quality product includes magnesium chloride with a blend of sleep supporting essential oils.

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