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What is EWG and why is it so important?

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EWG, or the Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organization that aims to protect human health and the environment.

Why is EWG so important? Their work and research is pivotal to environmental health and policy change. Find out more about the EWG and why their work impacts your health and for the planet.

EWG’s Mission:

The Environmental Working Group strives to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. They are fundamental to consumer safety - and work for you to provide you with all the resources you need to make an informed decision on products and services.

What do the EWG do?

EWG works on a lot of different sectors. From addressing key issues in consumer safety, to conducting heavy research on scientific toxicity of certain ingredients, they are an umbrella organization that encompasses all aspects of consumer and environmental safety.

These are just a few things the EWG bring to the table:

  1. Consumer guides: EWG provides guides on energy, farming, food, water, products, and more. These guides are curated to educate you on ways to make healthier choices when you do your shopping. They include everything from healthy eating tips, to rating skincare products and picking the right sunscreen.
  2. Addressing key consumer issues: Are you aware of the cosmetic safety enhancement act? What about laws governing toxic chemicals that still make their way into our products? EWG stays on top of all public health trends, to make sure you are aware of exactly what is happening around products you use on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Verifies products for safe use: EWG vigorously tests products and assesses their impact on health and the environment on a set of criteria. Once products are approved, they are verified with a seal of approval - meaning you can purchase them with confidence.

Why is the EWG important?

Do you know what toxic ingredients are lurking in your shampoo? What about the pesticides used to grow the tomatoes you eat in your salad? What impact does octinoxate in sunscreens have on marine life? Being aware of exactly you put in/on your body is absolutely key to protecting your health.

Accelerating demand for products and services has unfortunately led to a large proportion of manufactured goods that fall short on the trustworthy scale. With businesses battling to produce cheaper products, low-quality, unsustainable ingredient substitutes are used, which are not necessarily ideal for your health or the planet. Because of the saturation of the market with inferior goods, it can be daunting to make the right choice on which product makes the cut - and which doesn’t.

This is where EWG can help. Let EWG do the heavy lifting for you. With their expert research-lead team, EWG will support you to make the right judgement on your next purchase, whatever it may be. Through their informative reports, customer guides and online databases, EWG puts you and the planet as their main focus.

What is EWG Verified?

EWG verified products mean that the product has the seal of approval after being rated on a series of rigorous scores to assess its safety for you and the environment.

Products that have been marked EWG verified meet the following criteria:

  • Avoid ingredients of concern: EWG has compiled a list of ‘unacceptable ingredients’ that pose a risk to health or the ecosystem. An EWG verified product does not contain any of the ingredients found in this list. Ingredient concerns include carcinogens, allergens, restricted ingredients, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, irritants and contaminants.
  • Full transparency: EWG verified products must meet labelling standards and disclose all ingredients found in the formulation. This is vital for consumer awareness and avoiding companies that may be using harmful ingredients and not disclosing this information.
  • Good manufacturing practices: EWG verified products must follow top-standard practices to ensure the safety of all the products produced.


The Environmental Working Group works to protect you and your environment, by filtering out products and services that don’t fit the bill. Trusting EWG and choosing EWG verified products can help you make informed decisions about your health in the most sustainable and eco-friendly way.

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