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SEVEN MINERALS® uniqueness

Seven Minerals® is dedicated to bring Magnesium Oil to your everyday routines - staying younger, healthy and pretty just got easier for you.

Magnesium is natures #1 miracle mineral and Magnesium Chloride Oil is the most bioavailable inorganic magnesium known in an easy-to-apply format that gets you the results you want quickly and easily so that you can look naturally pretty and youthful, be full of energy and stressless, feel more at ease and live pain free.

We bring the very best to you

We use the very best Magnesium Oil available on the market. Our Magnesium Oil is mined from its purest state, deep within a 250 million year-old Permian Seabed in the Southern United States. It is then tested to U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Grade by PhD chemists to ensure that it is safe and 100% pure. There are very few brands on the market that can claim such purity about their Magnesium Oil.

The uniqueness of our formulas

We combine Magnesium Oil with the best natural and certified organic ingredients whenever possible to create everyday easy-to-use products that support your beauty and health in the best way. Because magnesium chloride can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin it also can be used as a delivery agent for a range of alternative care ingredients. Naturally, when you combine the best in bioavailability with the best delivery mechanism the results come quickly and easily, often within minutes. Its virtually like having a portable IV of Intravenous Magnesium Therapy around with you wherever you go.

Made in the USA

Seven Minerals® products are made in The USA in a state of the art, FDA registered facility.