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Rejuvenate, Get Relief, Reduce Stress And Enjoy Full Night Sleep

We need magnesium to stay healthy, stressless, naturally pretty and energetic, which is why it is called natures #1 miracle mineral.

Magnesium is required in large amounts for virtually every living cell and every biochemical process, and if it is not supplied in the proper amounts, in the way that nature intended, our bodies suffer. With our fast paced lives, caffeine consumption, poor diets, and environmental stressors of all kinds it is important to ensure that you are getting enough of this key and vital nutrient to help your body maintain its delicate balance. Magnesium deficiency is one the most widespread mineral deficiencies in the Western world. In fact, recent studies show that over 2/3rds of Americans are magnesium deficient, with some studies placing that number as high as 80%.

Some symptoms of magnesium mineral deficiency include:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Migraine and Headaches 
  • Poor Quality Sleep and Insomnia
  • Muscle Cramping, Muscle Spasm and Weakness
  • Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)
  • Thinning Hair and Hair Loss
  • Accelerated Aging of the Skin
  • Appearance Cellulite 
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythms 
  • Low Blood Pressure

Why Are We Deficient?

Over time as modern industrial agriculture has grown, our soils have seen a corresponding decline in magnesium content. The result is that there is less magnesium available in the foods we eat today compared to just over 50 years ago. A low intake from the foods we eat, coupled with caffeine consumption to keep up with our fast paced lives, and many of the medications we take that leach the magnesium mineral from our systems further compounds the problem. Magnesium is a water-soluble mineral, we do not store it in our bodies and so we need to take it in every single day. As a water-soluble mineral, we easily lose magnesium every time we sweat as we do during exercise, under stress, or in a sauna. This also means that any type of diuretic will also contribute to magnesium loss through urination.

How Do I Measure My Magnesium Levels?

A REGULAR BLOOD TEST WON’T GIVE YOU ACCURATE RESULTS. If you wish to check your magnesium levels, please keep in mind that only 1% of your body’s magnesium is found in blood, extracellular (outside the cells). Outside of the bones and teeth, the highest concentrations of magnesium are in the heart and brain. Meaning that 99% of magnesium is intracellular (inside the cells). That is why a regular blood test wouldn’t show you accurate results. The better option would be intracellular spectroscopy.

Why Aren’t Magnesium Pills Very Effective?

ORAL MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTS GO THROUGH YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Based on medical tests, the absorption of these supplements varies from 4% to about 50%. Magnesium oxide is used in most magnesium supplements that are available at stores. This is due to its low cost. However, studies show that it has one of the lowest degrees of bioavailability with as little as 4-10% actually absorbed by your body. In addition, oral magnesium supplements, in high doses, can have a laxative side-effect. This can create a dependency for the body and over time the bowel can become “lazy”. This is the reason why regular, long-term dosing of oral magnesium can cause the colon to lose its ability to function on its own.

Why Is Magnesium Oil The Best Way?

The best way to boost your magnesium level is to use Magnesium Oil, which is magnesium chloride solution - the most bioavailable inorganic magnesium known. It has the ability to be absorbed rapidly via the skin directly to your cells. When you choose to supplement with topical magnesium oil, you are choosing to give your body exactly what it needs, in the right proportions, the way that nature intended.

TOPICAL MAGNESIUM IS THE MOST NATURAL, SAFEST AND FASTEST WAY TO BOOST YOUR MAGNESIUM LEVELS. You get nothing but 100% absorbable elemental magnesium delivered directly to the tissues at the cellular level via the skin--the largest organ of your body. Elemental means that this form of magnesium is already in its ionic state and requires no further processing by the body. In addition, transdermal magnesium (through the skin) does not cause digestive upset like oral magnesium products often do.
TOPICAL MAGNESIUM IS DELIVERED DIRECTLY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM. It is then able to circulate throughout the entire body and intelligently deliver magnesium to the specific sites where your body needs it the most. The body has a unique intelligence that is individual to you and using this intelligence it knows where to send it for maximum medicinal effect.