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I Thought This Was Just Another “Snake Oil”... Boy, Was I Wrong!

 - Evan P.

Sick of Your Joint Pain Ruining Your Day? See Why This Spray is All You Need

Magnesium is one of nature's best pain relievers. 

And spraying magnesium directly onto your skin is one of the smartest ways to feel the effects.

See, your skin is like a sponge. It soaks up the magnesium and gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

It’s also got high “bioavailability”, which just means your body can use it quickly and easily.

Unlike supplements, you get more of the magnesium in spray form. 

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It goes right through your skin and doesn't have 
to take the long trip through your stomach where some of it might get lost.

Magnesium spray is your straight shot to lasting joint pain relief. It’s super quick and clean. No messing around.

A few sprays and ahh, you can move easy again.

Go ahead, give it a try for yourself and see.


100% Risk Free

Seven Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil A Few Sprays & The Pain Goes Away

Seven Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil A Few Sprays & The Pain Goes Away

Their thin skin and numerous nerve endings make them perfect for taking in magnesium quickly and effectively.

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Just spray where it hurts, and you're on your way to a better day.


Don't put weird chemicals on (or in) your body. Our spray is just pure magnesium, nothing else.

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Stop letting pain hold you back. Our spray helps 
you move easier and feel great again.

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Forget spending a ton on things that don't work. This bottle is all you need.

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Feeling good shouldn't be hard. With all natural magnesium, it's easy.

Feeling good shouldn't be hard. With all natural magnesium, it's easy.


100% Risk Free

More Pain Free Days with Pure Magnesium

More Pain Free Days with Pure Magnesium

01  Loosen Up

Loosen Up

Our spray helps relax muscles and take the strain off of joints. Less strain = less pain.

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Less Swelling

02 Less Swelling

Using our spray can help bring down swelling and inflammation, which makes movement easier.

03 Move Better

Move Better

Stiffness makes even simple movements a struggle. Magnesium spray helps you bend and move the way you want.

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04 Stronger Bones

Stronger Bones

Our spray isn't just for joints. It makes your bones tough too, so you're stronger all over.

05 Fast, Deep Relief

Fast, Deep Relief

Sometimes it feels like the pain is deep in your joints. Magnesium spray targets the discomfort right at its source for deep, lasting relief.

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100% Natural - Made in USA - Pure Elemental Magnesium


100% Risk Free

Say Goodbye to High Cortisol: How Magnesium Oil Can Change Your Life in Just One Week

Imagine if you learned that the reason you crave sugar, get really emotional over small things, and can't get a full night's sleep is because you have high levels of cortisol in your body…

So you look into it and find out cortisol is a stress hormone your body makes when you're feeling tense or anxious…

The problem is, some people have elevated levels of cortisol which makes it almost impossible to relax.

So you start supplementing with Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil spray daily and these issues start to disappear after a week!

Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil isn't just any spray.

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It's like a secret key that helps unlock a calmer, more relaxed you. It works to balance your cortisol levels, making you feel more at peace, in control, and finally feel what deep sleep feels like.

So, every spray is a step towards a happier, healthier you – less stress, fewer cravings, and better sleep. It's amazing how a simple change can make such a big difference in how you feel every day!

Nature knows best 🌱

No gimmicks, no unnecessary additives.

Just pure, ionic state magnesium chloride, mined and purified to perfection.

Experience the difference of a natural mineral, working in harmony with your body's needs.

Discover Better Sleep

100% Risk Free

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Higgins

USP Grade Magnesium Oil, BIG 12 oz

Angela Compston

Gave my husband relief from unending muscle pain. I cannot thank you enough. He is sleeping and not having to out deep heat on for the first time in weeks.

Imogene Grant
That it works

I absolutely love it. I recommend it. Download the free book on its many uses

Delores B
It works!!

I saw this and decided to purchase and when I tell you I am not disappointed! This stuff is amazing. It come in a nice size bottle and it only takes a little bit. The first time I use it lol I used too much so follow the directions. The next day my feet/ankles and knees all went down. I was so surprised. Last words get it and see the amazing results it produces for you!!

Really works!

The Mg spray really has helped me sleep. I was very sceptical to try it but it actually really does work!

Ready to Ditch the Pain and Get Living Again?

Joint pain isn't just annoying – it stops you from living life to the fullest.

Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil is here to change that, with a natural, simple solution that really works.

Don’t believe it?

Lots of our customers were skeptical too…

Until they felt it for themselves.

That’s why we promise you’ll feel joint pain relief, or you get your money back.

Yes, I’m In!

100% Risk Free

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