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I've been having trouble sleeping. I spray this on the back of my feet before bedtime and I am sleeping through the night!

 - Lynda P.

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I can’t remember the last time I had such good sleep. I can’t wait to see what else it does.

 - Cindy O.

Fed Up With Restless Nights? Discover Why 
Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil is Your Sleep Savior

It's a noisy world out there with endless choices 
for sleep aids – pills, potions, and gadgets. 
But sometimes, simplicity wins.

Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil offers a natural, direct route to relaxation and restful sleep, bypassing the complexities and side effects of other products.

Why complicate your night when a simple, pure solution exists?

Spray, relax, and let nature do its work.

Our commitment is not just to help you fall asleep 
but to enhance the quality of your sleep, every night.


100% Risk Free

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Seven Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil Transform Your Sleep, Through Your Feet!

Seven Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil Transform Your Sleep, Through Your Feet!

Did you know your feet are one of the best places for absorbing nutrients?

Their thin skin and numerous nerve endings make them perfect for taking in magnesium quickly and effectively.

Their thin skin and numerous nerve endings make them perfect for taking in magnesium quickly and effectively.

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Just a few sprays on your feet at bedtime and you're paving the way for a night of serene sleep.


Your sleep aid shouldn't be a chemical cocktail. Our Magnesium Oil is USP Grade – pure, simple, and effective.


Improve your overall sleep quality and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the day.

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Say goodbye to expensive, ineffective sleep solutions. One bottle of Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil is your ticket to restful nights.

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With us, better sleep isn't a luxury. It's your new normal.

With us, better sleep isn't a luxury.
It's your new normal.

Discover Better Sleep

100% Risk Free

Embrace Restful Nights with Our Pure Magnesium Solution

Embrace Restful Nights with Our Pure Magnesium Solution

01  Quiet Your Busy Mind

Quiet Your Busy Mind

Feel the calm you’ve been missing as magnesium oil helps stop the racing thoughts that make it hard to sleep.

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Alleviates Anxiety

02 Alleviates Anxiety

Regular use of magnesium oil can assist in helping you feel less worries, promoting a more relaxed state and deep, healing sleep.

03 No More Twitchy Legs

No More Twitchy Legs

Get relief from the annoying feeling of moving legs and muscle cramps. Magnesium oil helps your muscles relax for a better night's sleep.

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04 Soothes Digestive Issues

Soothes Digestive Issues

If your stomach problems make you feel bad and keep you awake, magnesium oil can help you feel better and worry less.

05 Fights Nighttime Panic

Fights Nighttime Panic

When you feel scared or panicky at night, magnesium oil’s calming effect can provide emotional relief. It helps you feel safer and more peaceful when you're getting ready to drift off.

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06 Energized Mornings

Energized Mornings

Say goodbye to morning grogginess. Magnesium oil promotes a more restful sleep, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

100% Natural - Made in USA - Pure Elemental Magnesium

Discover Better Sleep

100% Risk Free

Say Goodbye to High Cortisol: How Magnesium Oil Can Change Your Life in Just One Week

Imagine if you learned that the reason you crave sugar, get really emotional over small things, and can't get a full night's sleep is because you have high levels of cortisol in your body…

So you look into it and find out cortisol is a stress hormone your body makes when you're feeling tense or anxious…

The problem is, some people have elevated levels of cortisol which makes it almost impossible to relax.

So you start supplementing with Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil spray daily and these issues start to disappear after a week!

Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil isn't just any spray.

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It's like a secret key that helps unlock a calmer, more relaxed you. It works to balance your cortisol levels, making you feel more at peace, in control, and finally feel what deep sleep feels like.

So, every spray is a step towards a happier, healthier you – less stress, fewer cravings, and better sleep. It's amazing how a simple change can make such a big difference in how you feel every day!

Nature knows best 🌱

No gimmicks, no unnecessary additives.

Just pure, ionic state magnesium chloride, mined and purified to perfection.

Experience the difference of a natural mineral, working in harmony with your body's needs.

Discover Better Sleep

100% Risk Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 3979 reviews
Nicole Higgins

USP Grade Magnesium Oil, BIG 12 oz

Angela Compston

Gave my husband relief from unending muscle pain. I cannot thank you enough. He is sleeping and not having to out deep heat on for the first time in weeks.

Imogene Grant
That it works

I absolutely love it. I recommend it. Download the free book on its many uses

Delores B
It works!!

I saw this and decided to purchase and when I tell you I am not disappointed! This stuff is amazing. It come in a nice size bottle and it only takes a little bit. The first time I use it lol I used too much so follow the directions. The next day my feet/ankles and knees all went down. I was so surprised. Last words get it and see the amazing results it produces for you!!

Really works!

The Mg spray really has helped me sleep. I was very sceptical to try it but it actually really does work!

Ready for the Best
Sleep of Your Life?

Poor sleep quality isn't just about feeling tired – it can affect everything in your life.

Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil offers a natural, effective solution to transform your sleep, bringing you the rest and rejuvenation your body and mind truly deserve.

Try it for yourself! We guarantee it’ll work, or your money back.

Yes, I Want Restful Nights

100% Risk Free

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