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12 Days of Giveaways

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12 Day Giveaways

December is the month of giving, joy, and celebration. From all of us at Seven Minerals, we are thrilled to kick start a 12-day giveaway to spread Christmas cheer!

Each day for 12 days, we will be giving away one of these fabulous goodies to a lucky reader. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page as the giveaways will be posted there. To enter, all you need to do is comment what prize we will be giving away on that certain day, as well as all the prizes given away prior to that day. Of course, the first day will be the easiest! This article is your go-to guide for this giveaway, so keep it open on that tab!

Take a sneak peek at what you could win below, and good luck!

Day 1:

Rejuvenating Magnesium Body Lotion

For the ultimate spa-day-in, this lotion will moisturize, soothe, and nourish the skin like you’ve never seen before. Enriched with creamy avocado butter, anti-aging royal jelly, organic shea butter and pure ionic magnesium, your skin will feel like a million dollars after applying this lotion!

What’s inside: 237ml Rejuvenating Magnesium Lotion

Gift Set Rejuvenating Lotion

Day 2:

Gift Set Destination Zen

This anti-stress gift set features two incredibly soothing and calming magnesium sprays, to bust the anxiety away and promote better sleep. Enhanced with sleep-inducing and soothing essential oils, such as lavender oil, clary sage oil and sweet marjoram, these sprays work to soothe and relax the body when needed.           

What’s inside: 120ml Sleep Well Magnesium Spray, 120ml Stress & Anxiety Spray

Gift Set Destination Zen

Day 3:

Gift Set Calm Legs & Joints

Remedy all joint and muscle pain with this fantastic duo. Enriched with anti-inflammatory oils and extracts, such as turmeric, cypress, and sweet marjoram, these pure magnesium oil sprays can help provide the ultimate relief for arthritis and leg cramps.

What’s inside: 120ml Leg Cramps Magnesium Spray, 120ml Arthritis & Joint Pain Magnesium Spray

Gift Set Calm Legs and Joints

Day 4:

Gift Set Relax & Recharge

This me-time worthy gift set has everything you need to relax and de-stress after a long day. Combining pure magnesium with lavender, clary sage, cypress, and peppermint, this gift set works to relieve muscle pain and enhance the quality of your sleep.

What’s inside: 120ml Sleep Well Spray, 120ml Leg Cramps Spray

Gift Set Relax and Recharge

Day 5:

Gift Set Calm Your Zenses

Equipped with a migraine reliever, and a stress-busting spray, this gift set is the perfect zen-worthy combo pack. Bursting with soothing essential oils, such as Roman chamomile, lavender, peppermint, and sweet marjoram, say goodbye to that headache and hello to peaceful vibes.

What’s inside: 120ml Migraine & Headache Spray, 120ml Stress & Anxiety Spray

Gift Set Calm Your Zenses

Day 6:

Gift Set Happy Gut, Nice Butt

Boasting a cellulite-busting spray mixed with some PMS pain relief magic, this gift set is the complete duo for the ladies. Enhanced with collagen-promoting fennel oil, toxin-removing grapefruit, and pain-relieving ylang-ylang, this gift set will allow you to feel good, and look even better!

What’s inside: 120ml PMS Relief Spray, 120ml Cellulite Spray

Gift Set Happy Gut Nice Butt

Day 7:

Gift Set Sweet Dreams

This comforting gift-set is equipped with all the ingredients needed for blissful sleep. With magnesium, sedating essential oils and pain-relieving extracts, you will drift-off in no-time!

What’s inside: 120ml Sleep Well Spray, 120ml Restless Legs Spray

Gift Set Sweet Dreams

Day 8:

Gift Set Head Harmony

Suffering from a raging headache before bedtime? This 2-in-1 gift set will relieve your sinuses, while relaxing the body to get you ready for bed. The magnesium and extracts promote headache relief, and allows you to enjoy restful sleep by soothing the muscles.

What’s inside: 120ml Migraine & Headache Spray, 120ml Sleep Well Spray

Gift Set Head Harmony

Day 9:

Gift Set Happy Joints and Muscles

This gift-set will become a staple for all the fitness fanatics in your life! Relieve your aches and pains this Christmas, with this muscle-soothing gift set for active people. Combining two potent magnesium sprays bursting with anti-inflammatory ingredients, this gift set works like charm in providing deep relaxation from muscle discomfort.

What’s inside: 120ml Arthritis & Joint Pain Spray, 120ml Sore Muscles Spray

Gift Set Happy Joints and Muscles

Day 10:

Ultimate Magnesium Relief

This luxurious duo has everything you need for a spa-day in. Relax and unwind in a natural magnesium bath, and moisturize afterward with a rich and smooth magnesium cream, blended with cocoa butter and vitamin E for supple skin. After relaxing your body and mind with this combo, you will certainly enjoy a night of deep, fulfilling sleep.

What’s inside: Sleep Well Magnesium Bath Flakes 3lb, Magnesium Cream with Cocoa Butter 8oz

 Giveaway Sleep Magnesium Cream

Day 11:

Relaxation and Revitalization

Soak that anxiety and stress away with the deep relaxation bath flakes, and give your skin a burst of moisture and nourishment with the organic aloe vera gel. This gift set combines the powerful effects of magnesium and aloe vera to enhance your health and refresh your body and mind when you need it the most.

What’s inside: Deep Relaxation Magnesium Bath Flakes 3lb, Aloe Vera Gel 12oz

Aloe Vera Deep Relaxation

Day 12:

Muscle and Skin Therapy

When your body needs some extra TLC, this gift set is guaranteed to deliver. Combining the restless legs magnesium foot soak and the indulgent and nourishing magnesium skin repair cream, your body will thank you later! Experience relaxed, pain-free muscles after the foot soak, followed by a soft and supple finish after you apply the cream.

 What’s inside: Restless Legs Magnesium Foot Soak 3lb, Magnesium Skin Repair Cream 8oz

 RLS Magnesium Cream

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