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5 Ways to use Castile Soap to Disinfect

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disinfect with castile soap

With germs on the rise, keeping your house sparkling clean is a must-do. However, being continuously exposed to harsh chemicals found in disinfecting agents can be unhealthy, and cause more harm than good. Avoid harsh chemicals found in disinfecting agents and use a natural alternative instead: Castile Soap.

Discover 5 ways you can use castile soap to disinfect, getting rid of dirt, dust, grime and germs naturally.

What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap is the swiss army knife you need to clean your home. A natural, multi-purpose godsend, castile soap is not like any other type of soap. Castile soap was traditionally created using a blend of olive oils from the region of Castile in Spain.

With a few modern-day modifications, castile soap is even more beneficial than ever before. High quality castile soaps are now formulated using nourishing, cleansing and hydrating ingredients, such as coconut oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, argan

How Does Castile Soap Disinfect?

You may wonder… How does it work? What makes Castile Soap any better than using an anti-bacterial spray?

Castile soap works as a surfactant, meaning it removes germs and bacteria and degrades viruses to break them down.

Castile soap is recommended over bleach and harsh disinfectants as it is 100% natural and does not cause irritation or allergies that the alternative cleaning agents cause.

5 Ways to Use Castile Soap to Disinfect:

Although castile soap can be used for a lot more than disinfecting, these are ways you can use this wonderworker to cut through germs:

    1. Natural wash for fruit and vegetables:

Fruit and vegetables are often contaminated with a variety of harmful pathogens that you shouldn’t consume. As fruit and vegetables are generally directly consumed without cooking, it is important to thoroughly wash your produce to ensure your health and safety.

Get rid of germs, pesticides and chemicals with a natural wash for your produce. Simply dilute a teaspoon of castile soap in a bowl of water and wash the fruit and vegetables in the soap. Then, rinse the fruit and vegetables with water and they’re good to go.

    2. Cuts through germs and grime on floors:

With constant contact with germs from shoes and feet, floors can be polluted with all sorts of nasty bacteria and dirt. Keep the germs outdoors with a wipe of castile soap. To use on hard floors, dilute ¼-⅛ cup of castile soap in hot water. Add a teaspoon of vinegar for extra potency. Using a mop, simply saturate your mop and wipe floors as usual. That’s all it takes!

Do not use on waxed wooden floors, as castile soap may degrade the waxy layer. 

    3. Hand and body soap that gently disinfects and clean:

disinfect with castile soapAs castile soap is a surfactant, it works very well at cutting through grime, grease and harmful pathogens, making it the perfect anti-bacterial. Not only will castile soap disinfect your hands, it will avoid sucking away the moisture that soap often causes, leaving your hands soft and supple without the dry cracks. Castile soap works to nourish and hydrate because of its rich oil content.

Simply dilute 2 tablespoons of castile soap to around 12 ounces of water. Add it to your preferred soap dispenser, or keep it in the shower to use as an all-body gentle cleanser. Get creative and add essential oils for rejuvenating and relaxing aromatherapy. 

    4. Wipes away germs on kitchen countertops:

 Kitchen countertops are always in contact with food that may be directly consumed by your family. Therefore, countertops must remain pristine and germ-free to prevent the introduction of harmful toxins and bacteria into the system through food. Castile soap can be used as a countertop cleaner to get surfaces ready for food prep. Add 1 teaspoon of castile soap to a small bowl of water, and use a kitchen cloth to wipe away surfaces before preparing your meals.

    5. All-purpose disinfecting spray for any surface:

Make the ultimate disinfecting spray to use on absolutely anything you are cleaning. To spray down surfaces, sinks, products, light-switches and much more, castile soap can be used as the ultimate weapon to get rid of nasties.

Add 60 ml of castile soap to a liter of water, and add to your spray bottle. For an extra punch, add a tablespoon of vinegar or some essential oils, such as tea tree oil. Keep in your cupboard for all cleaning emergencies. Spray, wipe with a wet cloth and leave to dry.

 castile soap benefits seven minerals


There are many methods you can use to disinfect your home with castile soap. Always opt for a pure, high quality castile soap that does not contain palm oil.

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