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6 Reasons to Use Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

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Aloe vera is a plant species that belongs to the family of genus Aloe which has lots of medicinal uses. In this post the main focus will be on benefits of aloe vera for natural hair.

Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

Many people use aloe vera as a remedy for various diseases such as fever, sunburns, bowel diseases, inflammation, etc. But, only a few know that this miracle plant is beneficial for hair too.

If you too are unaware of amazing benefits of aloe vera for hair, then read this article till the end. It will disclose various benefits of aloe vera for hair and will educate on how we can use it to get healthy, shiny, and bouncy hair.

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair

The natural goodness of aloe vera gives hair both strength and shine. It is one single solution to various health problems. According to a study, aloe vera contains more than 75 nutrients that can benefit our hair and keep them strong and healthy forever. So, let’s know more about the magical benefits of aloe vera for hair below.

#1 Promotes Hair Growth

Aloe vera is quite beneficial for hair growth. It contains enzymes that remove dead skin cells which clog the hair follicles.

According to the researchers at University of Hawaii - Egyptians have been using aloe vera as a treatment for hair loss since ancient times and that is the reason their hair are so strong. They used to apply aloe vera in a raw form, but today you can use aloe vera for hair growth in various forms like gels, sprays, etc.

Aloe vera removes sebum from the scalp which is the leading cause of baldness and hair loss. Apart from this, its alkalizing properties maintain right pH balance.

#2 Reduces Itching

Aloe Vera has antipruritic properties that not only reduce itching but also help lock moisture in hair scalp. Moreover, it is also very helpful in eliminating Psoriasis, an auto immune disease that gives birth to various scalp related issues.

#3 Fights Dandruff

Aloe Vera Fights DandruffDandruff is one of the major causes of hair loss and various other hair problems. Many causes have come out for dandruff, but the major one is fat-eating fungus that lives on the scalp.

Aloe-vera offers complete treatment for this condition. It has amazing anti-fungal properties that remove fungus gently from the scalp. It stops fungal build-up and growth. If you’re looking to remove fungus from your scalp, use Seven Mineral’s Aloe Vera skin and body spray on your scalp. It will give you faster result than aloe vera pulp. This is an absolutely natural and organic formulation which makes it worth trying.

#4 Conditions Hair & Scalp:

Apart from fighting fungus and various other scalp problems, aloe vera is also an amazing natural hair conditioner. The gel-like substance present in it acts like a conditioning agent. It penetrates the scalp deep and boosts the natural protein present in the hair cells. As our hair scalp is more absorbent than our skin you can feel deep conditioning after applying aloe vera in the scalp. Today, many companies make aloe vera gel for hair as a conditioning agent.

#5 Reduces Greasiness

Aloe vera is also very effective in reducing excessive oil from the scalp which is another major reason for hair loss. People who are more prone to scalp infection should regularly apply aloe vera on their hair before taking bath.

#6 Helps in Detangling

Along with a good hair conditioner, aloe vera also acts as a natural hair detangler whether you use it in the raw form or as a spray. In addition to this, aloe vera based products are more gentle on scalp compared to chemical-based products. So, if you’re looking for a natural detangling product that has no side-effects, use aloe vera gel and spray. Make sure to use natural/organic products only.

How to Use Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

There are lots of health benefits of aloe vera, but when we use it for hair it acts as a panacea for all hair problems. Let’s know how can we use it for hair growth.

Make Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel for HairIf you have an aloe vera plant at home, cut off its leaf and scrape out gel-like substance from inside. Apply this directly on your scalp and massage it gently for five to ten minutes. After that leave it on scalp for at least one and half hour and then wash off using a mild shampoo.

Don’t worry in case you don’t find aloe vera plant anywhere near you, you can also use aloe vera spray for hair that will equally benefit you, but make sure you’re using a natural product not just a chemical based. 

Aloe Vera and Honey Hair Mask

Like aloe vera, honey is also a fungicidal and germicidal property and when these two natural agents are combined together and applied on hair, they give soft, healthy and shiny hair.

You can make your own Aloe Vera Honey Hair mask at home. Just take 2 tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel, if not available use aloe vera spray. Mix it with raw honey in a bowl using a spoon. Now apply this mixture on scalp evenly. Put on a shower cap and let it on the scalp for at least 1 hour. Wash off it with a mild shampoo. Re-apply this remedy 2 times a week for better results.

In case, you do not get enough time to use these methods, you can simply use Aloe vera based hair care products that are easy to use and will also save your precious time.

So, these were the few major benefits of aloe vera for natural hair. Hopefully, these will help you keep your hair healthy naturally.


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