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Magnesium For Beautiful and Healthy Hair

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How To Stop Hair Loss With Magnesium.

Thinning hair, slow growing patches and hair loss clumps. Along with the demise of your crowning glory, goes our confidence. It can make us feel old, tired and unattractive. And it can hide us away in shame under hats or scarves. Hair styles we once loved, are no longer practical. The assault on our identity, can be quite severe.

Well, you don’t need to tear the rest of your hair out over this condition - for many people, it can be a case of alopecia or male pattern baldness. But for a large percentage – the hair loss has another common cause. And it’s easy to reverse with one common nutrient – Magnesium!

But before you go and make the #1 Magnesium mistake, first you must understand why your hair is falling out. Then you can use the correct magnesium, to solve your problem.

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

Your hair has three phases in it’s natural, growth cycle:

PHASE 1: Anagen: This is the active growing phase and can last from 2-6 years. Approximately 85% of the hair on your head is in this phase. Or at least, it should be. But, our hair follicles can become blocked, and growth interrupted:

    • dead skin cells
    • dandruff
  • calcium deposits
    • restricted blood flow
    • damage from hair styling
    • inflammation

    When hair struggles to get through the toxic mess, it just, gives up.

    PHASE 2: Categen: This is a 1-2 week transitional phase. The follicle shrinks, and nourishment cut off. This ends the growth of that strand of hair. Now, we are waiting for the hair to shed, and grow a nice new strand in it’s place. Provided your follicles aren’t blocked.

    PHASE 3: Telogen: But, there is a common condition that makes the shedding worse. It’s called Telogen Effluviam. The cause, is typically stress, illness, medications or malnourishment. They affect hair growth, and speed up shedding.

    So, What Does Magnesium Have To Do With My Hair?

    Magnesium is one of those miracle minerals that we all need, but never get enough of. It performs over 300 enzyme reactions in the body! This includes; energy production, nervous system health, detoxification, mineral balance and more.

    If you’re losing hair due to Telogen Effluviam, Magnesium is an important mineral.  It soothes nerves and boosts the immune system. It's crucial in making the small energy molecules (ATP) that help things grow… like your hair!  And Magnesium balances out calcium. It reduces the buildup both inside the body, and on the top of the head.

    But only one form of magnesium actually does both of those things.

    Magnesium Oil For Hair Loss.

    Magnesium Oil is a saviour for hair loss sufferers for many reasons:

    • It helps dissolve the calcium deposits blocking the follicles
    • Delivers magnesium to the small blood vessels in the scalp
    • Boosts low magnesium levels depleted from illness, stress etc
    • Maintains optimal magnesium levels to manage future stressors etc.

    But please, don’t make the #1 mistake of getting any old magnesium. For hair loss you need Transdermal Magnesium Oil (AKA topical magnesium). This, is pure magnesium chloride, mined from deep ancient seabeds. And here's a fun fact, it’s not an oil at all – it’s the ‘oil like brine’ of pure magnesium.

    It absorbs rapidly through the skin. So you can deliver essential magnesium, deep into your cells. And right into the hair follicle to clear away the calcium deposits and blockages.

    There’s one more important reason to use transdermal magnesium for hair loss.

    Stress, illness, malnourishment and medication can affect our digestive system. This decreases magnesium absorption. Transdermal magnesium is more effective as it bypasses the tired Gastrointestinal tract. Many health professionals now use this form of magnesium, as gut problems are widespread.

    How To Use Magnesium Oil For Hair Growth

    • Spray onto your scalp and massage in daily to help clear calcium deposits. Or better still, get someone else to give you a soothing scalp massage!
    • Spray onto other areas of your body! Magnesium ions diffuse straight into your blood stream and cells. This assists with energy production for hair growth. your blood stream and all cells low in this essential mineral.
    • Be consistent and allow 30-60 days to build up the body levels and kickstart the dormant growth cycle. You’ll start to notice less hair falling out, and new hair growth in patchy areas.

    You may feel a tingle from Magnesium Oil, this is normal. It shows, you have 100% pure Magnesium Chloride.

    Boost your Magnesium oil effects! Try a specific Magnesium Oil for Hair Growth product. Something that has added scalp soothing ingredients; like aloe vera, and essential oils.

    Treat Your Scalp A Total Detox!

    Use topical magnesium chloride oil for double benefits. Clean out follicles on the scalp, and get a fast, effective nutrient delivery to cells.

    Replenish your Magnesium levels, clean out blocked follicles, and boost the hair growth cycle. You’ll feel confident and sexy again! And your crowning glory will flow the way it should. And you’ll spend less time, clearing hair from the shower drain.

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