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Why to choose Magnesium Chloride Salt

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If you’ve ever wondered how to get the most out of your bath time the answer is found in - Magnesium Chloride Bath Salt.  

This unbelievable mineral salt dissolves the instant you add it to your bath and provides incredible healing benefits while assisting you in achieving deep relaxation.


How can magnesium chloride bath salt achieve the deep relaxation benefits that other salts, like Epsom salt, fail to?

The answer is in the power of the magnesium mineral in the highly bioavailable form of magnesium chloride. It's what Gets Absorbed that Counts. It's not just what goes into your body but what is actually absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered into the body cells at the cellular level that makes the difference.You notice the powerful benefits by the way that you feel. You will notice that your muscles release and relax quicker, that your mind reaches a peaceful state faster, and that tired aching joints are improved virtually instantly. These are just some of the noticeable differences that swapping your Epsom salt for high-quality magnesium chloride bath salt can make.


From Aching Feet to Fibromyalgia Pain - Magnesium Chloride Bath Salt Gets you Relief Fast

With over 300 enzyme reactions in the body that rely upon magnesium to occur it’s no wonder so many common ailments benefit from its supplementation. Weather its restless legs, tired aching feet, or insomnia—treating yourself to a magnesium chloride salt bath or foot soak can make all the difference. The stress and anxiety will melt away naturally and you can even expect massive relief from fibromyalgia pain affecting the joints and bones.

If you’re really up for something pleasurable you can consider adding a few drops of essential oils to your soak to increase the soothing benefits of your magnesium chloride bath salt experience.

Once you feel the difference magnesium chloride bath salts can make in your life, you’ll never go back to plain old water or Epsom salts again.

Unparalleled Purity

Seven Minerals magnesium chloride minerals are mined from the purest environments and delivered right to you in the most convenient and easy form of a bath salt. You can use this bath salt for the entire body when you relax in the tub for a full body soak or you can pamper your feet with the most relaxing foot soak imaginable.

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