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PMS Pain relief with magnesium and essential oils

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PMS Pain relief with magnesium and essential oils

For the majority of women, premenstrual syndrome is inevitable. PMS comes with an array of uncomfortable symptoms, such as stomach cramps, headaches, mood swings, acne, and more. The intensity and duration of these symptoms vary significantly amongst women, which makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact cause and cure for PMS. The pain level can range from slightly uncomfortable, to severe and extreme. Every woman is different, which is why you have to discover what natural PMS remedies work for you. For PMS pain relief, there is a wide variety of natural solutions to try, such as the use of magnesium and essential oils. 

How can you use magnesium and essential oils to stop period pain? Read on to find out.

Magnesium and Essential Oils for PMS Pain Relief

Being one of the most prominent minerals in the body, magnesium is an essential component of many reactions in the body, which indirectly affect the menstrual cycle. For instance, magnesium assists in the regulation of blood sugar levels, muscle contraction, and alleviating stress. For instance, an imbalance in blood sugar can trigger menstrual symptoms, such as fatigue, stress and mood swings.

PMS Relief Magnesium Spray ApplicationNot only can low magnesium trigger mood swings, it may also prompt a variety of PMS symptoms, such as pms cramps, breast tenderness, and body pain.  As seen above, magnesium is involved in regulating muscle contractions. Menstrual cramps occurring in the uterus, a muscle, can be a result of low magnesium levels.

Experiencing headaches can also be a probable cause of low magnesium in the body, due to spasms in the arteries of the brain triggering the migraines. As the majority of individuals are deficient in magnesium, it is essential to consume magnesium rich foods, such as almonds, cashews, dark chocolate, and fruits and vegetables.

Magnesium Oil Spray and PMS

In order to add some extra TLC into your everyday routine, consider using a magnesium oil spray, that is quickly absorbed by the skin to effectively increase serum magnesium levels. For starters, how about you try out Seven Minerals’ PMS Pain Relief Magnesium Spray, enriched with organic essential oils and ionic magnesium chloride to provide PMS pain relief whenever you need it.

Essential oils such as Sweet Marjoram, Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang can help relieve pain symptoms associated with PMS, by soothing cramping, lowering stress, improving your mood, and relaxing the muscles. This is why our magnesium spray features these incredibly alleviating essential oils, to provide total PMS relief. Simply massage this oil on your abdomen, back, or wherever you are experiencing pain.

Therefore, replenishing your magnesium levels can provide PMS pain relief, by relaxing the brain, muscles, and nerves.

Although boosting your magnesium levels can be a fantastic way of combatting period pain, there are many other natural treatment methods that can provide PMS symptom relief. Read more about symptoms of PMS and natural remedies for PMS relief and give them a try. Once you’ve discovered the relief methods that work for you, you’ll learn how to control your PMS once and for all!


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