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How to Keep Your Skin Young: Tips & Tricks

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If you’re looking for tips and natural ways to keep your skin young, then this post is just for you. Find out more about signs of healthy skin, factors that keep it young, and tips to avoid premature skin aging.

Keep Your Skin Young

To begin with, it’s important to first understand that ‘collagen’ - is a type of protein which maintains the elasticity and holds the skin together. This is what determines its firmness. The reason behind young and supple skin is that the skin is able to regenerate itself by producing collagen. But, with advancing aging, this production slows down.

A lot of factors like exposure to sun and unhealthy food habits can also damage the collagen. But, don’t worry because there are ways to reverse the process of skin aging or at least slow it down.

Characteristics of young skin

Texture - One of the most important young skin characteristics is the texture. If the texture is plump, wrinkle-free, and firm, it’s a good sign. Youthful skin should heal quickly with minimal scarring and it should bounce back easily. With age, elastin (a protein type which helps in skin stretching and allows it to bounce back without wrinkles) becomes loose. Loose elastin causes fine lines and wrinkling; leaving it more susceptible to skin tags, stretch marks, pores, and aging spots.

Moisture – This is another crucial factor that defines youthful skin. Healthy skin should feel slightly damp because the cells are able to hold the water. The production of sweat and oil should be relatively normal and the skin should not feel dry. The absence of dry spots, flaking, and cracks is another good sign.

Plumpness Youthful skin is always plump. It doesn’t matter if the person is skinny or not, it should feel plump due to the underlying adipose layer beneath the skin.

How to keep your skin younger

Up the ‘Vitamin C’ dose

Women who consume more vitamin C are less prone to wrinkling than those who don’t. Therefore, don’t be afraid to include plenty of citrus fruits in your diet. Vitamin C boosts collagen formation. In its absence the body is not able to link amino acids to form protein. Red pepper, tomatoes, kiwi, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, and all the citrus fruits are excellent for your skin’s youth as they will help repair the damaged collagen.

Get more Vitamin E

There’s a reason why this vitamin is famous for being ‘the beauty vitamin’. That’s because it helps to keep us looking young. Some ways in which you can increase the dose of vitamin E to keep skin looking young is by opting for foods cooked in nut oil, seed oil, and vegetable oil. Alternatively, you can replace salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil as it is a rich source of vitamin E.

Avoid direct exposure to sun

Young Skin - Avoid Sun ExposureThe harmful UV rays are not exactly your skin’s best friend. If you let the sunlight directly penetrate your skin, eventually it will start damaging the skin. Sunburns are a common result of exposure to harsh sun light. Additionally, over the period of time it can also cause dark spots, wrinkling and other problems. The best way to avoid harsh effects of sun is to stay fully clothed while stepping out. Wear a hat, sunglasses, or use an umbrella while going out. Additionally, go for natural sunscreen. Give preference to organic sunscreen creams as they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Use natural exfoliants

If you wish to keep skin younger until a ripe age, make sure to exfoliate it every now and then. Exfoliation is the process of lathering you skin with exfoliants that removes the dry and dead skin cells. It’s undoubtedly one of the key aspects of skincare regimen. Regular exfoliating keeps skin looking young, radiant, supple, and elastic. Go for a mild scrub that contains salt, sugar, and other natural ingredients. You can also use a loofah while bathing to get rid of dead skin cells.

Drink plenty of water

We already mentioned that one of the key characteristics of healthy skin is that it will feel a little damp. That’s where hydration comes into picture. Speaking of which, drinking water regularly is crucial. The more water you skin cells can lock; the healthier it will stay.

Avoid Diuretic foods

Diuretic foods, as we all know, tend to dehydrate us. And, that’s bad news for our skin. Caffeinated beverages like tea, coffee, as well as alcohol tend to have dehydrating effect. So, you might want to avoid those. Additionally, processed foods, foods loaded with excessive salt and sugar also have the same effect. So, avoid those as well.

Apply cocoa butter for hydrating and moisturizing

Cocoa butter is almost like a magic potion for the skin due to its deep moisturizing and hydrating properties. You can lather a generous amount of the butter on your face in the morning and/or at night before you go to bed. It will help give your skin some of the essential nutrients it needs and leave it smooth as a baby's bottom. The market is loaded with plenty of cocoa butter products, but if you are looking for the natural ones the Organic Magnesium Cocoa Butter Body Crème with Vitamin E might just be the right choice. It’s a 100% natural and toxin-free formulation that will keep your skin younger.



Include antioxidants in skincare regimen

Have you ever heard of the term ‘free radicals’? Basically, these are dead skin cells and unlike healthy ones (that have two electrons) free radicals only have one. These dead cells cause skin aging because they cling on to the healthy ones and suck their electrons as well; leaving them damaged. This further causes the collagen to break down. Antioxidants fight the process of oxidation that causes free radical formation. So, make sure to include fruits like berries rich in antioxidants in your diet. Also, use skincare products rich in antioxidants.

Follow these tricks and tips and your skin will be thankful to you. When it comes to skincare formulations; always choose organic products over anything else.

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